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Lelaki Kacak SEO Contest 2012                    

Join Lelaki kacak SEO Contest 2012. There are many contests have been organized by many bloggers every year. Most of the contests almost joined by so many bloggers without see you are professional blogger or just a newbie. As me, the most interesting contest for blogger is SEO contest. SEO contest of Lelaki Kacak is a contest that will prove you are good in your writing skill and BACKLINK skill. As a blogger you should learns to be a good writer so your article will be read by other people. SEO is refer to the Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the second knowledge that the blogger should know and practice to be success in blogging career. It is because with SEO, your blog will have many readers from google search engine which is the most important source of the blog traffic.

In this contest, the contestant will know their level in blogging. So they will know their weakness that can be improves to become a good blogger. Moreover, blogger also can learn blogging technique from others blogger by sharing their knowledge each others. For the blogger who in the top place of the google search engine for keyword ' LELAKI KACAK ' they can teach the other bloggers especially for the newbie. The important this is sharing is caring. For the winner of this contest they will be get money $500 for the number 1, $300 for the number 2 and $150 for the number 3. There are also consolation gift for the fourth winner until seventh winner.

There are many benefit if join this SEO contest. First, you as a contestant can improve your writing skill which is very important thing you should know as a blogger. Second, you can learn more about the SEO skill. One of the SEO technique is create friendly SEO article. BACKLINK technique also an important this you should know.

Hurry up! join this contest. The closing date for this SEO contest 'LELAKI KACAK' is until June 2012.

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